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We offer same day appointments and $80 service fee that is applied to the cost of the repair.  You can also schedule an appointment online or by phone!

Oren has been fixing appliances for over 10 years. He has experience with most major brands like GE, Whirlpool, Samsung, LG, Maytag and more! And he’ll come straight to your home or office to fix it up right away. No waiting around for days on end – we’re always ready to help when you need us most.

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A broken dishwasher is a nightmare for many home owners. Dishes need to be cleaned on a daily basis, and with a dishwasher that’s not working properly — or at all — your kitchen can quickly become buried in dirty dishes. Problems like leaky valves, one-half of the pump system being broken, non-functioning water heater coils may have you worried about having to run out and buy new appliances every time something goes wrong; but don’t worry: many problems are solvable by replacing parts or even just cleaning it up more often! We’ve identified several common—and solvable—dishwasher problems which should help keep things running smoothly around your house. Before you call, or while you are waiting for Oren to come out for a service call, here are some things you can check on your dishwasher.

Issue: What to do if your dishwasher isn’t cleaning well

Check This: One of the most important functions for your dishwasher is to get dishes clean. If you run a cycle and find that it’s not doing its job, there are several potential solutions:
You may have food particles or grease on some parts of the machine – check these areas carefully and make sure they’re cleaned off before running another cleaning cycle with dish soap only (no dishes). You can also try using more detergent than recommended as this could be less effective in hard water situations. Another possible cause might be worn spray arms preventing water from reaching all surfaces; if so, replace them immediately! A final problem area might just involve dirty filters which should always be replaced after every 3-4 months depending on how often your unit runs.

Issue: What should I do if my dishwasher is noisy?

Check This: If it’s making noise, you could have issues beyond the dishes. You might need to replace your wash arm seal or bearing ring; maybe even consider replacing the spray arms if they are hitting racks and dishes in order for them to turn properly. You might also want to check to see if the dishwasher is installed properly and isn’t banging against the cabinet area around it.

Issue: What should I do if my dishes are coming out cloudy or have residue on them?

Check This: It’s possible that your glasses are coming out cloudy or white because of hard water build up. Consider using a special detergent for this, rather than regular soap. You may also benefit from whole house softening system to clean dishes and other appliances in the home.

Issue: What should I do if my dishwater won’t drain?

Check This: A dishwasher that won’t drain is a big problem. The check valve, which sits in your water line beneath the machine and prevents backflow into it when properly assembled can cause flooding if not replaced as soon as possible after noticing any faulty assembly. A leaking or clogged pump may also be to blame for this issue so consider checking those out too!

Issue: What should I do if my dishwasher wont latch?

Check This: Your door latch is one of the most used exterior parts on your dishwasher. If this component isn’t working properly, check to see if there’s a problem with the catch or electronics that might be causing it not to work correctly. Consider replacing just those pieces so they can do their job more efficiently and effectively in order for you to continue using your appliance without any problems!

Issue: What should I do if my dishwasher is leaking?

Check This: These are just a few of the things that can cause leaking dishwashers. First, check for cracks in any parts connected to your water supply or drainage hose; if you have noticed problems with leaks before this is likely where they originated from and may be worth replacing those pieces as well. Next take note of whether there might be some issues with the door gaskets on either side panel, which seal tightly when shut but become easily worn out over time making them less effective at keeping out leakage during running cycles like wash-dry combinations (or others). If it seems like these seals are beginning to break down consider one replacement option: buy new ones!

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