Oven Repair Services

When your oven stops working, you need it fixed quickly. But dealing with the repair company can be a hassle.

Oren Home Appliance Repair is a locally owned, professional, and reliable service that will fix your oven fast. Oren has been working on ovens for over 10 years and knows how to fix any problem with an oven or stovetop so that they work like new again! He is experienced in working with most major models of ovens.

Don’t wait another day without cooking in your kitchen because of an inconvenient broken appliance! Call (480) 299-7842 today to schedule same day service from our team of professionals who have been fixing home appliances for over a decade!

Issue: What do I do when my oven burner wont light?

Check This: If your electric stove doesn’t seem to be getting hot, follow these steps: switch the faulty burner with one that you know works.

  1. Try unplugging it from the socket and plugging in a working hole instead.
  2. If this new burner is heating up as expected, then chances are high that your bad burners need replacing; if not… well there could always be something wrong either with how electricity is traveling through or even more concerning—the wiring itself!
  3. Check for burns on any sockets nearby and replace them (if needed) before testing again just in case they had anything to do with this issue at all.
  4. Try to see if the burners turn on now.

Issue: What do I do if my oven wont heat up?

Check This: If your oven won’t heat, it might be due to a faulty igniter or heating element. For gas ovens, this means that the problem is most likely with the gas line and will take professional attention (though you may replace an ignitor yourself). If only electric cooking functions are broken for both your stovetop burners and oven then chances are there’s something wrong with either power supply of one of those appliances.

  1. You can use a screwdriver to remove the old igniter or heating element. Heating elements are usually located inside of your oven, while you can access an igniter from underneath should it need replacing.
  2. Remove the broiler or storage drawer to get your igniter.
  3. To avoid the risk of electric shock, always turn off your oven before servicing it.
  4. For those of you with hidden heating elements, it’s time to get a repairman involved. Even if your home is heated by other means like an air conditioner or electric heater, there are still times when the heat might be too much for one spot in particular and will need to be replaced.
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